Wolf's Hollow

This is a small hunting village in the forest south of Nightvale. It’s buildings are a mix of huts built on the forest floor, and tree-houses built above and in the trees. It’s economy mainly comes from hunting the forest and trading the the meat and skins with nearby towns.

People of Note

- Barret
- Agnis


Back when Wolf’s hollow was first occupied (~120 YA), there were things living in the caves north of town. They only found out when people started getting attacked. The people were allied with the wolves,and they had attacked the town. The people, no one really knows what they were, but they were grey and looked almost like lifeless forms of humans and elves. They villagers eventually lead a raid on the caves, and killed all of the men and the wolves, including a large demon like wolf that lived by the wells of the leader of the men. Story has it that the man’s last actions were to dive in the well, where he instantly sunk. The waters erupted a last time, and then subsided. The men sent a bomb down the well to make sure, and covered it. They had a watch on it day and night for ten years, before a mayor abolished the post. Nothing has been seen since, and the old women of the town use the story of the demon wolf to scare children in behaving right.

Wolf's Hollow

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