The city of hightower is an old one. It was the hold of a lord from back before the continent united, when the land was spilt up into the holdings of various ruleing lords. The center of the city, is where it get’s it’s name. Rising above all of the other buildings in the city is Tower Andrax, though most people in the city, including government officials, just refer to it as “the Tower”. The Tower is actually no one tower, but a collection of five interconnected towers. At the center is the main tower, and by far the largest, but not the tallest, of the five. It is where official functions are had and where Lord Hightower and his family dwells. The other towers each have their own function and departments inside them. One tower hosts the city guard headquarters, and another the buracrats and minor powers of the region. The College of Magi even has a small headquarters in one of the towers, though they prefer to stay in their guild hall on the outskirts of town. Each of the four smaller towers is connected to the central one by a walkway on the upper levels, and there are rumors that there are underground tunnels connecting each of the towers.

The city is surrounded by high walls, and there are turrets and guard stations along it. There are large gates where the two main roads intersect the city, with a few smaller personnel gates, though these are usually stationed near larger gates. The gates are open every day to accommodate the large trade industry that is the main source of income for the city. The lands around High Tower don’t produce much of note, mainly food that the farmers sell to the merchants in the city. It is the merchants and the craftsmen that make the city so well known. You can find a member of almost any trade organization in the city, even some of the not quite legal trades. The old city is divided into districts, based on what good is produced there, or was produced when the district was made. The newer parts of the city expanded so quickly that they didn’t have time for planning, and businesses of all sorts are located together. Some districts have been turned into residential ones, while others have taken on people and businesses from all across the land. While there is someone who can get you what you are looking for, the quality is not always the greatest. Most craftsmen and merchants have taken to producing in quantity, not quality, so they can ship their goods across the content, either by traditional means, or by one of the new technologies that come from the Guild.


The guildhall of the College is located at the north side of town, where they are given plenty of space to conduct experiments and practice magic. On the south side of town there is the home of Hightower’s Guild. Their guildhall looks like a factory than a meeting place, and the wide berth given the building is perfect for the members to try out new mechanisms, or to the discontent of the populace, weapons and explosives


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