The story so far

The group had all been independently captured by a mercenary named Kreig Nightbringer. They managed to escape with the help of a man named Thomas, who was injured when the were making their escape. They escaped to a small village called Wolf’s Hollow, where they learned of a missing child. They were told that the boy was likely in caves north of the town. They met a rouge that would join in their party to lead them to the caves. When they got to the caves there was no sign of the wolfs, or the boy. The caves however were full of kobolds, and they looked like they were inhabited long ago. After finding wolf pups, they found the boy, and killed and skinned a Terror Wolf. They investigated a well in the caves, and found that it lead to a lower section of caves. When they returned to Wolf’s Hollow, the town threw them a feast, and they were told to go to the city of Hightower to speak to a member of the College of Magi about what could have caused the wolf to mutate.



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